Episode Synopsis


Episode Synopsis by Tracy Hemenover

Dax has invited Kira to her and Worf's quarters for dinner, and the two of them are discussing who Kira might bring with her as they enter Ops. Dax mentions Odo, but Kira's not receptive to that idea yet. She's coming alone.

O'Brien detects someone trying to beam in, but there are no ships in transporter range. A man materializes, looking injured. When Kira bends down beside him, he puts the muzzle of a disruptor to her stomach. She is shocked to realize that he looks exactly like her dead lover, Vedek Bareil.

Sisko clears a path to a runabout, and Bareil takes Kira out of Ops, threatening to kill her if they're followed. Along the way, she learns that he's from the mirror universe, and that he's running from the Alliance. They get where they're going; Kira finally tells him to hand her the disruptor. She knows the power cell is cracked. He tries to hit her, but she subdues him, just before Odo and two deputies arrive and take custody.

Later, Kira goes to see him in his holding cell, holding the multidimensional transporter device he used to get here. Bareil wonders when he'll get to meet himself, but she tells him his counterpart is dead; he realizes that she knew him, and had deep feelings for him. He asks her a favor, to destroy the device so he can't be sent back. He doesn't care what happens to him otherwise.

Sisko is surprised to learn that Kira isn't going to press charges. He guesses that she's feeling something like what he felt when he met the other Jennifer: a connection, even knowing that it's not the same person. Kira says it's not a problem, and Sisko tells her to see that it doesn't become one.

Released, Bareil meets Kira on the Promenade, and thanks her. People keep staring at him; she informs him that his counterpart was a much-respected vedek, a fact he finds amusing, since he admits the life he has led has been anything but spiritual. Since services are about to begin at the temple, Kira invites him to join her. He demurs. But inside the temple, as the Orb of Prophecy is being brought in, she finds herself being joined by him. Bareil claims that he could use all the help he can get in starting his new life. He then starts asking questions about the Orb and the Prophets. After the service, she asks impulsively if he likes Klingon food.

Kira brings him to dinner with her at Worf and Dax's quarters, where he tells tales of his daring escapes, and cuts a cake with Worf's mek'leth, which he has stolen. Later, Bareil walks with Kira back to her quarters; she invites him in for some raktajino. He tells her about a friend and partner of his who was killed by Cardassians. Kira says she knows what it's like to lose someone. She then kisses him. The next morning, they talk a little in bed about the other Bareil.

In Ops, Dax asks if Kira is going to see Bareil again tonight. Kira tells her they'll be going to the shrine, so he can have his first Orb experience. That night, they meet there, and he is full of questions about what to do. The Vedek finally arrives and opens the Orb. Later, Bareil seems thoughtful when Kira joins him in the replimat. He starts to tell her about his vision, but she says it's not meant to be shared, and tells him to get some rest.

Bareil goes back to his quarters, but hasn't sat for two seconds before the Intendant appears. She's early, but admits her curiosity got the better of her. "Now, tell me, how's our little plan progressing?" "Couldn't be better," he tells her. "Right on schedule." "That's just what I was hoping to hear," she purrs, and kisses him. However, he claims to be too tired to go to bed with her. The Intendant guesses that the Major has gotten to him. The conversation moves to the Orb, which they are planning to steal and take back to their universe so that they can use it to unite their people in a war against the Alliance.

Bareil goes into Quark's, where he harshly tells people to stop staring at him; he's not Vedek Bareil. Quark proposes that he could pose as the late holy man, or a reasonable facsimile thereof, but Bareil seems disgusted, and walks out. Quark walks up to Kira later as she's doing cargo inventory, and tells her about Bareil's visit to the bar. His opinion is that Bareil is "one of the tormented ones". He also informs her that he saw Bareil hanging around the shrine for a couple of hours, as if he was figuring out how to rob it.

In his quarters, Bareil meets up with the Intendant, who has dressed up in Major Kira's uniform. He has gotten them a pair of combadges. She tells him to contact her as soon as he has the Orb, and kisses him.

As Bareil enters the shrine and starts working to bypass the security protocols around the Orb, the Intendant walks up to a deputy on duty beside a cargo bay door. He asks for her authorization code, and is startled when she pretends to have pulled a muscle, and asks him to massage her shoulders. When he complies, she knocks him out, stashes the body, takes out the multidimensional device and starts doing something with the transporter controls.

Bareil has just gotten through the forcefield when Kira comes in and catches him, taking out her phaser. "You had me completely fooled. The thief in search of redemption. Who could resist that? Obviously, not me." She tells him to step down from the altar. Then the Intendant arrives, holding a phaser on her counterpart. "Nerys, you look as beautiful as ever." Bareil takes Kira's phaser, noting that the Intendant was supposed to be waiting for him at the transporter pad. She indicates the device she has keyed the transporter to; she has only to tap a key to take them home.

Kira tries to convince Bareil that he can't let the Intendant have the Orb. The Intendant taunts her for still trying to save his soul, telling her to simply accept her mistake and move on. "Tell her, Antos. Tell her how you were using her, that everything you told her was a lie. That every time you touched her, all you could think about was me." Suddenly, Bareil turns and stuns her with a phaser, admitting to Kira that he'll have a lot of explaining to do when she wakes up, and he doesn't have the Orb.

"I guess this is goodbye," Kira says. Bareil acknowledges that it's for the best. He tells her that in his Orb vision, he saw the two of them together with a family. But he believes that he would have only done something to ruin it eventually. "I'm a thief. I belong with her." "Then you should go," Kira says. Bareil steps to the Intendant, picks up the multidimensional control, and dematerializes.