Star Trek Deep Space Nine Q-Less : Audio


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Q: "An abysmal place."
Vash: "Tartaras Five?"
Q: "E
arth. Don't get me wrong, a thousand years ago it had character. The Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition, Watergate. But now, it's mind-numbingly dull."

Q: "You hit me! Picard never hit me."
Sisko: "I'm not Picard."
Q: "Indeed not. You're much easier to provoke."

O'Brien: "Bloody hell!"

Vash: "You're the one who almost got me killed on Errikang Seven and they weren't exactly thrilled to see you on Brax either. What did they call you? 'The god of lies?' "
Q: "They meant it affectionately."

Q: "Quite a motley crew you've assembled here Benjy."
Quark: "I..."
Q: "Go away!"
Vash: "Q, bring him back."
Q: "What business could you possibly have with that disgusting little troll?"
Vash: "I don't know you didn't give him time to tell me. Now bring him back this instant."
Q: "All right, fine. What is it you really want?"
Vash: "I want the life I had before i met you."
Q: "And a stellar life indeed. The eminent Vash. Barred from the Royal Museum of Epsilon Hydra Seven, persona non grata on Betazed. Wanted Dead on Myrmidon for stealing the Crown of the First Mother."
Vash: "Dead or alive."
Q: "Preferably dead."
Vash: "Its over Q. I want you out of my life. You are arrogant, overbearing and you think you know everything."
Q: "But, I do know everything."
Vash: "That makes it even worse."
Q: "Really Vash, I can't believe you're still pining for Jean-Luc."
Q: "Still chasing your own tail? Picard and his lackeys would've solved all this techno-babble hours ago."