Star Trek Deep Space Nine Babel : Audio


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O'Brien: "I should've transferred to a cargo drone. No people, no complaints."

Kira: "Listen Surmak! I have a station full of dying people and you are the closest thing there is to an expert on this virus."
Surmak: "I sympathise Major, but I don't think I can help you."
Kira: "All right. Then how about helping yourself?"
Surmak: "Meaning what?"
Kira: "Meaning, I've been infected with your virus doctor. So now you're infected too!"

Quark: "Odo? Quark to Odo? Are you still with us?"
Odo: "Try not to sound too disappointed!"

Quark: "There's an old Ferengi saying; 'never ask when you can take' "

Odo: "Quark, am I to believe that you're volunteering to help?"
Quark: "Who said anything about volunteering? We can haggle over price later."

Quark: " me!"

Odo: "Rom's an idiot. He couldn't fix a straw if it was bent!"

Quark: "I must have witnessed the procedure hundreds of times."
Odo: "Witnessed? You mean to say you never handled the controls yourself?"
Quark: "Energizing!"