Star Trek Deep Space Nine Emissary : Audio


Below are samples of dialogue from the episode:

Sisko: "I guess its time to meet Major Kira."
O'Brien: "Sir, have you ever served with any Bajoran women?"
Sisko: "No, why?"
O'Brien: "I was just wondering Sir."
Sisko: "Is something bothering you Major?"
Kira: "You don't wanna ask me that Commander."
Sisko: "Why not?"
Kira: "Because I have the bad habit of telling the truth. Even when people don't want to hear it."
Kira: "The Provisional Givernment and I don't agree on a lot of things, which is probably why they sent me to this God foresaken place."
(Complete Sisko/Kira scene)
Sisko: "That's enough!"
Odo: "Who the hell are you?"
Kira: "Odo, this is our new Starfleet Commander."
Odo: "I don't allow weapons on the Promenade, that includes phasers."
Quark: "Nog!"
Picard: "Commander! Yes, please come in. Welcome to Bajor."
Sisko: "It's been a long time Captain."
Picard: "Have we met before?"
Sisko: "Yes, Sir. We met in battle. I was on the Saratoga at Wolf 359."
Odo: "I'm curious myself. The man is a gambler and a thief."
Quark: "I'm not a thief."
Odo: "You are a thief!"
Quark: "Commander, I've made a career out of knowing when to leave and this Bajoran Provisional Government is far to provisional for my taste. And when Governments fall, people like me are lined up and shot."
Sisko: "There is that risk. But then you are a gambler Quark."
Odo: "And a thief."
Sisko: "Ben Sisko. I just graduated from Starfleet Academy. I'm waiting for my first posting."
Jennifer: "Ahh, a junior officer."
Sisko: "Yeah!"
Jennifer: "My mother warned me to watch out for junior officers."
Jennifer: "Sure."
(Complete Sisko/Jennifer scene)
Quark: "What'll you have Commander?"
Sisko: "Hows the local synthale?"
Quark: "You won't like it. I love the Bajorans, such a deeply spiritual culture but they make a dreadful ale. Never trust ale from a God-fearing people or a Starfleet Commander that has one of your relatives in jail."
Sisko: "He's a little young for you isn't he?"
Dax: "He's 27, I'm 28."
Sisko: "Three hundred and twenty eight maybe! Did you tell him about that slug inside of you?"
Dax: "Yes Benjamin, he knows I'm a Trill. He finds it fascinating. He's never met a joined species before."
Dax: "Perhaps not!"
(Complete Sisko/Dax scene)
Kira: "Looks like looters got in here."
Bashir: "This'll be perfect. medicine."
Kira: "Frontier medicine?"
Bashir: "Major, I had my choice of any job in the fleet."
Kira: "This 'wilderness' is my home."
(Complete Kira/Bashir scene)
Picard: "This is your favourite Transporter Room isn't it?"
O'Brien: "Number three, yes Sir."
Picard: "You know, yesterday i called down here and I asked for you without thinking. It won't be quite the same"
O'Brien: "It's just a Transporter Room, Sir"
Picard: "Permission granted."
(Complete Picard/O'Brien scene)
Dukat: "Good day, Commander."
Sisko: "Gul Dukat."
Dukat: "Excuse my presumption, but this was my office only two weeks ago. I'm not used to being on this side of the desk. I'll be honest with you Commander, I miss this office. I was not happy to leave it."
Sisko: "Drop by any time you're feeling homesick."
Dukat: "You're very gracious."
Sisko: "Dax! We might have just discovered the first stable wormhole known to exist."
Kira: "Constable?"
Odo: "This is a security matter, I am in charge of security."
Kira: "Security here, on the station. I cannot justify taking you into this wormhole. We have no idea what we're dealing with in there. It could be hostile."
Odo: "Major, I was found in the Denorios Belt. I don't know where i came from, no idea if there are any others like me. All my life i've been forced to pass myself off as one of you always wonderng who i really am. Well the answers to a lot of my questions may be somewhere on the other side of that wormhole...Are you coming?"
O'Brien: "Is the stations inertial mass low enough to break orbit?"
Computer: "Procedure is not recommended."
O'Brien: "Dammit! I didn't ask for an opinion. Just tell me whether or not we can get enough thrust with only a partial field established?"
Computer: "Affirmative."
O'Brien: "All right, thank you."
Jasad: "I am Gul Jasad of the Cardassian Guard 7th Order. Where is our warship?"
Kira: "With any luck they're in the Gamma Quadrant on the other side of the wormhole."
Jasad: "What wormhole? Our sensors show no indication of a wormhole."
Kira: "That's because it just collapsed."
Jasad: "What?!"
Kira: "Red Alert! Shields up!"
O'Brien: "What shields?"
Jasad: "This is your answer?"
Kira: "You don't think Starfleet took command of this space station without the ability to defend it, do you?"
Jasad: "Defend it? Your space station could not defend itself against one Cardassian warship."
Kira: "You're probably right Jasad, and if you were dealing with a Starfleet officer they'd probably admit 'we have a hopeless cause here' but i am just a Bajoran. Who has been fighting a hopeless cause against the Cardassians all her life. So if you want a war, I'll give you one."
Picard: "I suspect that the sight of their warship being towed by a Federation Runabout took the heart out of their fight."
Sisko: "We're not done with the Cardassians yet. Not with the strategic importance of that wormhole."
Picard: "Well, you've put Bajor on the map Commander. This will shortly become a leading centre of commerce and of scientific exploration. And for Starfleet one of our most important posts."
Bashir: "So, where can someone practise with his phaser around here?"
Quark: "New rules?"
Kira: "You can't cheat every customer who walks through the door anymore Quark. You are community leader now."
Quark: "Very well, very well! Perhaps we could discuss these new rules over a drink?"
Kira: "If you don't take that hand off my hip, you'll never be able to raise a glass with it again!"
Quark: "I love a woman in uniform!"