Vic Fontaine


PLAYED BY: James Darren
SPECIES: None (hologram)
OCCUPATION: Singer in a holosuite program set in 1962 Earth
BIRTHPLACE: South Philadelphia

Vic was designed by Bashir's friend Felix, as a heuristic, fully interactive, and self-aware hologram. He was able to access comm lines, turn himself off and on, program other holocharacters, and transfer his own matrix into other holoprograms. Part of his "story" was that he was from South Philadelphia and was a friend of Frank Sinatra and the "Rat Pack".

Vic possessed remarkable perception and wisdom concerning affairs of the heart, not to mention initiative, as he proved in "His Way", when Odo began consulting him for advice on how to win Kira. Vic arranged a "practice" date between the two of them, without telling Odo he was having dinner with the real Kira and not a hologram. This led to Odo and Kira finally beginning a romantic relationship.

Vic's program became a favorite retreat of DS9's senior officers. It even played a major role in Nog's recovery after losing his leg. Vic provided him a safe haven and a purpose within the program; but finally turned himself off, forcing Nog back to reality. Nog began to heal, and in gratitude, arranged with Quark to leave Vic's program running around the clock so that Vic could experience "life" ("It's Only a Paper Moon").

Some time afterwards, in "Badda-Bing, Badda-Bang", a "jack-in-the-box" was sprung in Vic's program -- a surprise plot development, in which Vic was fired when the mob took over his lounge. However, the DS9 officers teamed up to return things to normal by robbing the casino.

The last time the DS9 senior staff were all together was at a victory/goodbye party in Vic's lounge, listening to one of his songs ("What You Leave Behind").

Other facts: Vic's childhood rival was Frank Chalmers, aka Frankie Eyes.

James Darren

James Darren, a film actor, TV star, singer, director, was born James William Ercolani on 8 June 1936 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A chance introduction to the legendary producer/ talent executive Joyce Selznick led to Darren's signing a seven year contract with Columbia Pictures. During his Columbia years, Darren made 19 films including "Gidget". Darren played rich-kid surfer Moondoggie and returned to star in two of the sequels before going on to other projects. In Gidget, Darren sang two songs: the title tune and "There's No Such Thing As the Next Best Thing To Love". Almost without intending to, he became a recording star. In the early 60s his hits included "Goodbye Cruel World", which became number one in the country, as well as "Angel Face", "Conscience" and "Her Royal Majesty" - every one of which made the Top Ten List.

Darren continued to make films and in 1966 starred as Dr. Tony Newman in "The Time Tunnel", his first TV series. When the show ended, Darren decided to concentrate on his singing. He teamed with comedian Buddy Hackett for what would become a ten-year partnership touring the country.

In 1983, Darren was offered the role of Jim Corrigan on the ABC TV series "TJ Hooker". The part of Hooker was played by William Shatner, better known as Captain James Tiberius Kirk. Darren directed the final episode of TJ Hooker, which led to multiple TV directing jobs including "Hunter", "The A-Team", "Hardball" and "Police Story".

Darren has been rediscovered by a whole new generation of fans due to his appearances in the seventh and final season of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine as Vic Fontaine, a holographic swinging 60's Vegas lounge singer.

James Darren was married to Gloria Terlitzky from 1955 until 1959, with whom he has a son. In 1960 he got married to his present wife, the former Miss Denmark of 1958, Evy Norlund. He has two sons with her. The son with his first wife is CNN anchorman Jim Moret. James took his current surname in 1959, inspired by the famous automobile. He was a close friend to Frank Sinatra and his family and is his granddaughter's - Angela Jennifer Lambert - Godfather.