Luther Sloan


PLAYED BY: William Sadler
FULL NAME: Luther Sloan
POSITION: Deputy Director, Section 31
BIRTHPLACE: Earth (presumed)
SPOUSE: Jessica
CHILDREN: (Un-named)
PARENTS: (Un-named)

Before the Dominion War, Captain Benjamin Sisko & Chief of Security Odo were called to Earth by Admiral Layton. For a short time, Sisko was responsible for Earth's security. While on Earth, Section 31 knowingly infected Odo with a disease that would infect the other Founders. When the Founders forced Odo to return to the Great Link in the Gamma Quadrant to be judged for killing another Founder, they too were infected by the disease engineered by Section 31. (Discovered in "Extreme Measures")

Luther Sloan kidnapped Doctor Bashir in an attempt to convince him he was a spy for the Dominion. Using age-old techniques of subtle manipulation, lack of food & sleep, and modern holo-technology, Sloan played out an elaborate scenario in which Bashir was accused of being a traitor, and then rescued by Weyoun, who was then attacked by the Defiant. When Bashir realized the deception, Sloan ended the simulation, and asked Bashir to join Section 31. But, Bashir refused. ("Inquisition")

At a conference being held on Romulus, Sloan used Bashir to frame Senator Cretek for spying for the Federation, because she was a patriot to the Romulan Empire. Tal Shiar Chairman Koval was Cretak's replacement, and a mole for the Federation. Sloan faked his own death, and escaped Romulus. Bashir learned about Koval's status from Admiral William Ross, who was assisting Sloan during the conference. ("Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges")

On Stardate 52645.7, Doctor Bashir & Chief Miles O'Brien sent a false message to Starfleet Medical saying that they had discovered a cure for Odo's disease. This was an attempt to lure Sloan, or another member of Section 31, to the station, and get the real cure from them. Their bluff was successful and Sloan arrived on Deep Space Nine. When he learned of Bashir's deception, Sloan attempted suicide, but Bashir used a Romulan mind probe on him. Bashir & O'Brien entered Sloan's mind, which looked a lot like Deep Space Nine & the Defiant. There, they found Sloan in a cluttered office, and the cure for Odo's disease. ("Extreme Measures")