Shakaar Edon


PLAYED BY: Duncan Regehr
FULL NAME: Shakaar Edon
SPECIES: Bajoran
POSITION/OCCUPATION: First Minister of Bajor

A Bajoran resistance fighter, leader of the cell named after him, which was the cell in which Kira fought. He had a bit of a reputation as a ladies' man, which reached even Dukat's files. After the Occupation, however, Shakaar became a farmer in Dahkur Province.

In "Shakaar", he was keeping some soil reclamations which Kai Winn wanted back. Kira was attempting to reach a compromise when Winn sent security agents to arrest Shakaar, who went on the run with his old cell, including Kira. During this time, Shakaar's popularity grew to the point where he realized that a civil war could result if the conflict continued. Finally he announced his intention to run for First Minister, an office which he won.

Shakaar came to DS9 in "Crossfire" for negotiations to shorten the timetable for Bajor's admission to the Federation. While there, he was guarded by Odo due to threats of assassination. Shakaar and Kira became lovers at that time. He later was present when Kira gave birth to Kirayoshi O'Brien in "The Begotten". However, Shakaar and Kira finally broke up following a visit to the Kenda shrine, where they had asked the Prophets if they were meant to walk the same path, and the answer came up negative.

In "His Way", when Kira went to Bajor to visit Shakaar, everyone, including Odo, assumed that they would resume their relationship, but actually she only briefed him on the situation with the Dominion.