Admiral William Ross

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PLAYED BY: Barry Jenner
FULL NAME: William J. Ross
POSITION/OCCUPATION: Starfleet officer
RANK/TITLE: Vice Admiral
BIRTHPLACE: Earth (presumably)

A Starfleet admiral stationed at Starbase 375, whose command Sisko was under during the Federation/Dominion war. He ordered Sisko on the mission to destroy a Ketracel-white facility in "A Time to Stand", and made him his adjutant for a brief period in "Behind the Lines"; then later approved Sisko's plan to retake DS9 in "Favor the Bold". He gave Sisko a medal, and ordered him to lead the attack on Chin'toka, in "Tears of the Prophets".

In "Image in the Sand"/"Shadows and Symbols", Ross came to DS9 to smooth over the establishing of the Romulan contingent on the station. Though he tried to dissuade Kira from going through with her blockade, after the wormhole was restored, in the end he finally backed Kira up.

He attended a conference on Romulus in "Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges"; when Bashir told him of Sloan's plot, Ross ordered him to sit tight while Sloan was taken into custody, then supposedly had an aneurysm. Bashir realized that Ross was working with Section 31, in a temporary alliance.

In "'Til Death Do Us Part", Ross performed the wedding ceremony between Benjamin Sisko and Kasidy Yates. He brought the Sao Paulo to DS9 and turned command over to Sisko, and later agreed to the offensive against the Dominion, in "The Dogs of War".

Ross later participated in the Alpha Quadrant assault against the Dominion, and also presided over the signing of the peace treaty ("What You Leave Behind").