PLAYED BY: Mark Allen Shepherd
FULL NAME: unrevealed
OCCUPATION: Owner of a shipping business
FAMILY: Mother; 17 brothers and sisters
HOBBIES/LIKES/INTERESTS: Hanging out at Quark's

A Lurian, Quark's most dedicated regular, who ran a shipping business. He never spoke on camera during the entire series. (The name of his race was not revealed onscreen until "Who Mourns for Morn?")

Morn didn't do much through most of the series besides be a sort of unofficial mascot, but during the station's Dominion occupation, he played an important role. He smuggled a message from Jake to his father off the station, in one of his presents for his mother when he left for her birthday party. In this way Sisko learned of the minefield's imminent destruction ("Favor the Bold").

In "Who Mourns for Morn?", Morn was apparently killed in a transport accident, after making Quark his heir. Quark then learned that Morn had a shady past: he had been one of a group of 5 people who stole 1000 bricks of gold-pressed latinum from the Central Bank of Lissepia during the Lissepian Mother's Day celebration. Morn took all the money, secretly storing the bricks in the Bank of Bolias while keeping the liquid latinum (extracted from the gold) in his second stomach. It turned out that, with the statute of limitations about to run out, Morn had faked his death, knowing that Quark would lead Hain, Larell, Krit, and Nahsk to the money while keeping them off balance long enough for them to turn on each other. Afterwards, Morn returned and took up his regular seat again.

Other facts:
In an alternate future, Morn became owner of the bar ("The Visitor"). He sparred with Worf weekly. He had hair at the time he first entered Quark's.