PLAYED BY: Chase Masterson
FULL NAME: unrevealed
SPECIES: Bajoran
FAMILY: None mentioned
LOVE INTEREST(S): Rom (husband); Julian Bashir (sweetheart, before Rom)
HOBBIES: Amateur sociologist

A Bajoran Dabo girl who worked for Quark. In "Explorers", she introduced herself to Bashir, pretending to have a cough; she also met Dax, who became her close friend. Leeta acted as host to Emony during Dax's zhian'tara ("Facets").

Leeta (who participated in the strike against Quark in "Bar Association") had a relationship with Bashir for two years (though it was barely shown on screen at all), until they decided to break up, and went to Risa to enact the Rite of Separation ("Let He Who is Without Sin..."). Leeta told Bashir and Quark that she had her eye on Rom. For some time she waited for Rom to make a move, but he was too shy. Finally, she considered an offer from Dr. Lewis Zimmerman (who was interested in her) to manage a cafe at the Jupiter Research Station, but happily chose to stay on DS9 when Rom at last declared his feelings ("Doctor Bashir, I Presume").

Leeta and Rom became engaged, but their plans hit a snag in "Ferengi Love Songs" when Rom wanted her to sign a Waiver of Property and Profit. Leeta refused, and the wedding was off, until Rom told her he had given away his money, and therefore had no assets to protect. The two were married just before the station was taken by the Dominion ("Call to Arms"); Leeta was evacuated to Bajor, but later returned.

When Rom was imprisoned, Leeta promised Quark to work without wages for two years if Quark freed her husband. Later, she was held with Kira, Rom, and Jake on suspicion of having aided Rom's act of "terrorism", but they were freed by Quark and Ziyal ("Favor the Bold"/"Sacrifice of Angels").

Leeta's roles after that were minor. Her last episode was "The Dogs of War", in which she was present when Rom was named Zek's successor as Grand Nagus.

Other facts: Leeta considered herself an amateur sociologist. Dax used Leeta's name when she was cast in the role of an unknown Bajoran woman during the Occupation in "Things Past".

Chase Masterson

Besides her work in ST:DS9, Masterson's television credits include FOX's Sliders, UPN's Live Shot and the Internet based interactive soap EON 4. Masterson was also named the co-host of Showtime's Saturday night program, Showtime Nighttime. Her guest appearances have included a recurring role in General Hospital as well as the drama Acapulco Heat. Masterson also appeared in ER's Emmy-award winning episode "Hell and High Water".

Masterson has also starred in a number of movies, including "Sammyville", Stephen King's "Ice Station Erebus", "Digital Man" and "In a Moment of Passion". Chase has also co-starred with Bridget Wilson in the fantasy feature "Marina" and was nominated for a Drive-In Academy Award for her part in "Married People, Single Sex".

Chase has also been a part of the Games industry, starring in "Spycraft: The Great Game" where she starred with Former CIA head William Colby.