Kasidy Yates / Sisko

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PLAYED BY: Penny Johnson
FULL NAME: Kasidy Danielle Yates (Sisko)
SPECIES: Human (African-American descent)
POSITION/OCCUPATION: Freighter captain
BIRTHPLACE: Earth (presumably)
PARENTS: had a mother living as of 2375
SIBLINGS: had a number of brothers (the youngest was a colonist on Cestus III and played baseball)
LOVE INTEREST(S): Benjamin Sisko (eventually her husband)

Kasidy was first mentioned in "Explorers", by Jake, who was already acquainted with her, and got his father to agree to meet her. Sisko did so in "Family Business", in which they hit it off (despite an awkward start) after discovering their mutual interest in baseball.

By the time of "The Way of the Warrior", when the Defiant aided Kasidy's ship when it was detained by Kaybok, Sisko and Kasidy had a romantic relationship. In "Indiscretion", Kasidy got a job hauling cargo for the Bajoran Ministry of Commerce, and took up residence on the station.

However, later that year, in "For the Cause", Kasidy was revealed to be smuggling supplies to the Maquis. She finally turned herself in and was arrested; she served six months in prison and returned to DS9 in "Rapture", in which she and Sisko resumed their romance. She served as a convoy liaison officer on the Defiant in "The Sound of Her Voice"; and as third baseman for the Niners in "Take Me Out to the Holosuite". She also joined the majority of DS9's officers in helping Vic in "Badda-Bing, Badda-Bang".

In "Penumbra", Kasidy accepted Sisko's marriage proposal; but in "'Til Death Do Us Part", when Benjamin told her of the vision warning him against marrying her, Kasidy was devastated, and the wedding was off until suddenly he changed his mind. They were married by Admiral Ross in a small Starfleet ceremony in DS9's wardroom. Afterwards, Kasidy settled into married life with Sisko, but refused to play a ceremonial role as the Emissary's wife ("Strange Bedfellows"); she also had a problem with his trying to protect her by cramping her career in "The Changing Face of Evil". At the end of "The Dogs of War", Kasidy told Benjamin that she was pregnant with their child.

After Benjamin disappeared in the Fire Caves in "What You Leave Behind", Kasidy experienced a vision in which he appeared to her, explaining that he had joined the Prophets, but that he would return.

Other facts:
Kasidy's ship was the Xhosa.