Joseph Sisko


PLAYED BY: Brock Peters
FULL NAME: Joseph Sisko
POSITION/OCCUPATION: Chef/Restaurateur of Sisko's Creole Kitchen
FAMILY: Sarah (1st Wife), Un-named 2nd Wife, Benjamin Sisko (son), Judith (daughter), two other un-named sons, Jake (grandson)

He first appeared in "Homefront" and "Paradise Lost", when Benjamin and Jake visited him. Joseph was arrested (but soon released) because he refused to take a routine blood test to show he wasn't a Changeling. Later, however, he cooperated with the blood tests. In "A Time to Stand", he was horrified to learn that Benjamin had left Jake on DS9 during the station's occupation by the Dominion and Cardassia. Later, Joseph visited the station, leaving Earth for the first time in his life, in "Far Beyond the Stars".

While Benjamin was staying with him in "Image in the Sand", a picture of a woman surfaced in Joseph's home, along with a locket with Bajoran writing on the back (saying "Orb of the Emissary"). Joseph finally told him an astonishing secret: that the woman was Benjamin's real mother, Sarah. She was Joseph's first wife, whom he had met in Jackson Park in 2331, and married a few months later. But two days after Benjamin's first birthday, she left him. He finally tracked her down, but it was too late: she had died the month before. Joseph accompanied Benjamin and Jake (along with Ezri Dax) to Tyree to find the Orb ("Shadows and Symbols").

Other facts: Joseph had progressive atherosclerosis. Benjamin told Odo in "The Alternate" about a period of time when his father was severely ill and bedridden (it was heavily implied that his father had died, but this was of course later contradicted).