Jake Sisko


PLAYED BY: Cirroc Lofton
SPECIES: Human (African-American descent)
OCCUPATION: Became a writer and reporter
RANK: None
BIRTHPLACE: Never stated
PARENTS: Benjamin Sisko (father); Jennifer Sisko (mother, deceased)
SIBILINGS: 1/2 brother or sister, unborn at end of series
HOBBIES: Jake liked I'danian spice pudding and icoberry torte; also raktajino with makapa bread. He enjoyed baseball, and was a hustler at dom-jot, including computerized. Jake was known to cook as well. He also knew how to waterski (he was taught by his mother), and ion-surf.

Jake was born in 2355, and at age 11, survived the destruction of the Saratoga, in which his mother Jennifer was killed. Afterwards, Jake spent three years with his father at Utopia Planitia, before coming to live on DS9 when his father became CO there ("Emissary").

Jake befriended Nog in "A Man Alone". His father disapproved, until finding out that Jake was teaching Nog to read, in "The Nagus". Together Jake and Nog inspired a young Bajoran leader to try compromise ("The Storyteller"), and made five bars of latinum in a business venture ("Progress"). They had another adventure together when Jake's father and Quark were captured by the Jem'Hadar during a camping trip, and the boys tried to pilot their runabout home for help ("The Jem'Hadar").

In "Shadowplay", Jake began working under O'Brien as an apprentice, but soon revealed to his father that he didn't want to join Starfleet. Jake also surprised his father when he started dating a Dabo girl, and the three of them had a revealing dinner ("The Abandoned"). However, Jake and Mardah broke up when she left to attend a science academy on Regulus III.

After a deadly security program was activated when he tried to delete a file, Jake was stuck with his father and O'Brien, and saved O'Brien's life during the course of the crisis ("Civil Defense"). Jake later developed a brief crush on Kira, due to the influence of Lwaxana Troi's Zanthi fever ("Fascination"). In "Explorers", Jake voyaged in a Bajoran lightship with his father, and revealed his desire to be a writer. He had been accepted to Pennington School, but was deferring it. (Jake never did go there during the series.)

In "The Visitor", Jake was present at an accident on the Defiant that caused his father to enter subspace briefly. Later, he was lured to the mirror universe by the alternate version of his mother, who later died from a phaser blast meant for Jake ("Shattered Mirror"). He also almost became the next victim of a being called Onaya who fed off his creativity while heightening it, until she was driven off by his father. Under her influence, he began his novel Anslem, which was mentioned in "The Visitor" as his future classic ("The Muse").

When Jake had his first up-close experience with the horrors of war on Ajilon Prime, he experienced deep shame at what he considered to be his own cowardice. He wrote an account of the incident ("Nor the Battle to the Strong"). Later, on the station, he moved out of his father's quarters and in with Nog ("The Ascent").

In "In the Cards", Jake became determined to obtain a Willie Mays baseball card to cheer up his father, resulting in a series of events that ended in his and Nog's being detained by Weyoun, who finally gave them the card.

Jake, who had become an official correspondent for the Starfleet News Service, stayed on the station to cover the Dominion occupation ("Call to Arms"). After Kira and Odo created the New Resistance, Jake became a member, and in "Favor the Bold"/"Sacrifice of Angels", he got a message out to his father, via Morn, about the minefield being taken down. Later, Jake was held by Damar, along with Kira, Rom, and Leeta, but they were sprung by Quark and Ziyal. Jake was reunited with his father when the station was retaken by Starfleet. Afterwards, Jake wrote a book about life on the station under Dominion rule, which was accepted by the Federation News Service ("You Are Cordially Invited").

In "The Reckoning", Jake was possessed by a pah-wraith who battled a Prophet (in Kira's body) on the Promenade. Then, in "Valiant", he was with Nog on a mission to Ferenginar, hoping for an interview with the Grand Nagus, when they were attacked by a Jem'Hadar ship and rescued by the Valiant. Jake objected to Watters' plan to destroy a Dominion battleship, and was put in the brig. Later, he was freed by Nog, and they escaped the doomed ship.

Unfortunately, Jake had no more major roles after that, aside from "Image in the Sand"/"Shadows and Symbols", when he saved his father from an assassination attempt, and accompanied him to Tyree; and he was also the pitcher for the Niners in "Take Me Out to the Holosuite". Jake was one of the five regular characters remaining on the station at the end of the series ("What You Leave Behind").

Other facts: Jake tested in the lowest third of his age group in mechanical aptitude. In "Emissary", a younger Jake was played by Thomas Hobson.

Cirroc Lofton

Cirroc Lofton played Jake Sisko, the 18-year-old son of Captain Benjamin Sisko, and the youngest regular cast member of any Star Trek series.

Born in Los Angeles, Lofton entered the acting arena at the age of nine, when he appeared in an educational program entitled "Agency for Instructional Technology." Lofton describes his acting debut, "I have always loved to act, in fact my first starring role was in an elementary school play when I portrayed Martin Luther King, Jr."

Lofton's ability to portray a variety of characters enabled him to do national commercials for McDonald's Corporation, Tropicana Orange Juice, Kellogg's Rice Krispies and Capri Sun. In 1990, Lofton appeared in the Universal film "Beethoven," starring Charles Grodin. Since ST:DS9's end, Lofton has kept himself busy starring in the Showtime series The Hoop Life.

A vivacious youth, Lofton enjoys basketball and bike riding. He acknowledges the warm relationship he has developed with on-screen father Avery Brooks, "We have become very close," he continues, "I enjoy Avery's companionship on and off the set." Fame hasn't spoiled this UCLA student who has aspirations to someday become a director.

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