Ishka 'Moogie'


PLAYED BY: Andrea Martin & Cecily Adams
SPECIES: Ferengi
OCCUPATION: Businesswoman (secretly)
BIRTHPLACE: Ferenginar
SPOUSE: Keldar (deceased)
SONS: Quark (elder); Rom (younger)
OTHER FAMILY: Nog (grandson)
LOVE INTEREST(S): Grand Nagus Zek

A Ferengi, widow of Keldar and mother of Quark and Rom; she was a spirited and independent woman who had the "lobes for business". In fact, she had secretly built a financial empire all over the Ferengi Alliance, when three bars of latinum from a Hupyrian beetle farm were finally noticed by the FCA. Quark had to try to convince her to confess and make restitution for breaking the Ferengi law against females making profit. Ishka finally agreed; only she and Rom knew that she actually gave up only a third of her fortune ("Family Business").

During Ferenginar's planetary Tongo championships, Ishka passed tips to Grand Nagus Zek which helped him win, and they began a correspondence, which led to a romance (once he got over finding out she was a female). When Quark finally learned of this (in "Ferengi Love Songs"), he connived to break them up, in exchange for Brunt's promise to restore his business license. But then, finding that Ishka's influence had been protecting Zek's failing memory from discovery, he set things right, and Ishka became Zek's unofficial financial advisor.

At one point during the Federation/Dominion war, Ishka was traveling to Vulcan to get her ears raised when the transport she was on was captured by the Dominion. Quark was able to save her after a prisoner exchange was arranged ("The Magnificent Ferengi").

Under Ishka's influence, Zek instituted reforms that caused him to be deposed, after which they went to DS9, where Ishka was to meet with an important FCA member, Nilva, to convince him to aid in reinstating Zek. However, she suffered a heart attack during an argument with Quark; but recovered after receiving a new heart ("Profit and Lace"). A year later, Ishka finally moved to Risa with Zek, stopping off at DS9 for the passing of the staff to Rom ("The Dogs of War").