Lieutenant Ezri Dax


PLAYED BY: Nicole deBoer
Ezri Tigan
Trill (joined; 9th host of the Dax symbiont)
Ensign until "Afterimage"; Lieutenant thereafter
Planet in the Sappora system
Yanas Tigan (mother); father (unnamed; living - in a scene cut from "Prodigal Daughter", Ezri told O'Brien that her father stayed away from her mother as much as possible)
Janel, Norvo (brothers)
Brinner Finok (on the Destiny); Julian Bashir (at end of series)
Raktajino, blood wine, gagh (they made her nauseous)

Having chosen not to undergo symbiosis training, Ezri was an assistant counselor on the USS Destiny, with three months to go in training, and the only Trill on board when the ship was taking the Dax symbiont to Trill. During the trip, the symbiont went into critical condition, and Ezri agreed to be joined in order to save its life. She afterwards took a leave of absence, and came to Earth to meet Benjamin Sisko in hopes that he could help her sort things out. She joined him on the journey to Tyree ("Image in the Sand"/"Shadows and Symbols"), and then returned to DS9.

There, Ezri reacquainted herself with Jadzia's old haunts, but had problems with the other officers not knowing quite how to treat her, and Worf in particular was cold towards her. She was asked by Sisko to treat Garak's claustrophobia, yet her self-doubt drove her to the brink of leaving Starfleet, until Worf finally softened his attitude toward her. Afterwards, Ezri accepted a posting as counselor on DS9 (with Starfleet Medical waiving the rest of her training) and was promoted to Lieutenant ("Afterimage").

Ezri reluctantly returned to her family's home in the Sappora system, so that her mother would use her influence to help find O'Brien. She eventually learned that her brother Norvo had killed Morica Bilby ("Prodigal Daughter"). Soon afterwards, she was assigned to use forensic psychology to solve a series of murders on the station, which she did after using the Rite of Emergence to gain insight from Dax's murderous host, Joran ("Field of Fire").

In "Penumbra", Ezri took a runabout without authorization to look for Worf after he was reported missing in action. She found him, and they ended up stranded on a planet, where they impulsively made love, and then were captured by the Breen. After an interrogation session by the Breen, however, Ezri murmured Julian's name ("'Til Death Do Us Part"). In the next episode, "Strange Bedfellows", while awaiting trial and execution on Cardassia, Worf and Ezri agreed that their indulgence had been a mistake, before they were then unexpectedly helped to escape by Damar. On returning to DS9, Ezri contemplated her feelings for Bashir ("The Changing Face of Evil"), and in "The Dogs of War", they finally got together romantically.

Ezri was on the Defiant in the last assault on the Dominion, after spending the night with Julian. She was one of the five regular characters remaining on the station at the end of the series ("What You Leave Behind").

Other facts: None of Ezri's family were joined. After joining, Ezri acquired a tendency to get spacesick. She was left-handed. Her nickname (used mainly by her brother Norvo) was Zee.

Nicole deBoer

Nicole deBoer portrays Ezri Dax, the newest member of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, who inherits the memories of the previous Dax characters; as such, she is actually the union of some nine different characters, each with their own distinct history.

Most recently, deBoer starred in the independent feature film "Cube" (the Toronto Film Festival winner which was hailed with widespread critical acclaim). One of Canada's busiest leading actresses, last season she completed work on the series Dooley Gardens, marking the fifth Canadian series in which she has been a series regular. Her other Canadian series include Beyond Reality, 9B, Forever Knight and First Resort.

American audiences will know deBoer from her starring role in USA Networks' Mission Genesis, her series regular role on MTV's Catwalk, and recurring roles on HBO's The Kids in the Hall. In addition, she has guest-starred in the CBS Movie of the Week, "Family of Cops III" and Showtime's Outer Limits and Poltergeist, as well as in a number of other Canadian series, including Manic Mansion, Hidden Room, Sweating Bullets and Tek War.

DeBoer has appeared in a number of made-for-television movies, including Fox's "The Counterfeit Contessa," ABC's "J.F.K.: Reckless Youth," USA Networks' "Kissing Place" and The Disney Channel's "My Date With the President's Daughter." Her films for Canadian television include starring roles in "Heart of Courage," "E.N.G." and "Baby It's You."

In addition to "Cube," deBoer has starred in a number of other independent feature films, including "Jungleground," Prom Night IV" and New Line's "National Lampoon's Senior Trip." A busy stage actress in addition to her television and film work, deBoer has starred in numerous Canadian regional theater productions, among them "Little Women," "Our Town," "Anne of Green Gables," "The Wizard of Oz," "Little Foxes" and "The Father."

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