Michael Eddington


PLAYED BY: Kenneth Marshall
FULL NAME: Michael Eddington
POSITION/OCCUPATION: Starfleet security officer (until turning renegade)
RANK/TITLE: Lt. Commander
BIRTHPLACE: Earth (presumably)
SPOUSE: Rebecca Sullivan (married two weeks before his capture in "For the Uniform")
DISLIKES: Replicated food

Eddington was assigned to DS9 to supervise Starfleet security there -- initially, at least, due to Starfleet's mistrust of Odo. He came to the station with Sisko when the latter brought the Defiant there, and appeared in the simulated reality that most of DS9's officers were subjected to by the Founders ("The Search, Parts I and II". Eddington was later included in the Defiant's mission to rescue Odo from the Obsidian Order/Tal Shiar fleet, with secret orders from Admiral Toddman to sabotage the ship's cloaking device; but when the sabotage was discovered, he immediately confessed and told O'Brien where to direct his repair efforts ("The Die is Cast").

Eddington served for some eighteen months on DS9; it is unknown when he went from being a loyal officer to joining the Maquis. But in "For the Cause", when 12 CFI replicators came to the station, on their way to Cardassia, he suddenly revealed himself as a Maquis agent, and absconded with the replicators in a Vulcan freighter. After eight months on the run, Eddington began detonating biogenic weapons against Cardassian colonists, but finally turned himself in when Sisko threatened to poison Maquis settlements ("For the Uniform").

A few months later, in "Blaze of Glory", after a message about Maquis missiles headed for Cardassia was intercepted, Sisko got Eddington out of prison to help deactivate them. However, the message about the "missiles" was actually a signal from Rebecca Sullivan (whom Eddington had married two weeks before his capture). After he and Sisko found her and several other Maquis survivors on Athos IV, hiding from Jem'Hadar attackers, Eddington was killed covering their retreat.

Other facts:
Eddington's most prized possession (left on DS9 when he defected) was a Canadian loon coin that had been a family heirloom for 200 years.