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News ImageREVIEW: "Force and Motion" Oct 15, 2016
Years after his arrest for illegally attacking Cardassian vessels, former Starfleet captain Benjamin Maxwell is once again a free man, working on a deep space research station - and after O'Brien and Nog arrive at the station and encounter the former officer, an emergency forces them all to work together once more.

News ImageDEEP SPACE NINE Documentary in the Works for 2017 Aug 08, 2016
"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" producer and showrunner Ira Steven Behr revealed at STLV over the weekend that a brand-new DS9 documentary is undergoing preparation for a release in the near future, likely in the 2017 calendar year.

News ImageVIDEO: 1992 DS9 Teaser Promos Mar 11, 2016
Here's a bit of a Friday flashback for you, all the way from 1992 -- a series of six early teaser commercials for "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine," released in syndication ahead of the show's premiere! Before the show's title was announced; before Paramount had settled on the official logo for the show... IT WAITS.

News ImageREVIEW: DS9's "Ascendance" Jan 18, 2016
When a mysterious alien armada subsequently begins to emerge from the wormhole, it seems clear that DS9 is under attack. While Kira, Vaughn and the Deep Space 9 crew prepare for battle, the enemy commander is revealed to be none other than Illiana Ghemor, who is preparing to end the life of Kira and the entire population of Bajor in revenge!

News ImageBOOK REVIEW: "DS9 -- Sacraments of Fire" Jul 29, 2015
That five-year gap in the "Deep Space Nine" timeline is finally revisited! After jumping head to catch up with "Destiny" and the "Typhon Pact" storylines in 2010, David R. George III takes us back to the "Soul Key" cliffhanger in this month's new release, "Sacraments of Fire" and begins filling in the gaps set in motion six years ago!

News ImageBOOK REVIEW: "The Missing" Jan 13, 2015
Worlds collide when Starfleet physicians Beverly Crusher and Katherine Pulaski converge at station Deep Space 9 as the Alpha Quadrant awaits news from the newly-reopened Bajoran Wormhole -- but after a highly-classified Shedai database is accessed illegally, a new coalition of aliens becomes the likely suspect!

News ImageeBOOK REVIEW: "Dept of Temporal Investigations #3" Dec 22, 2014
"The Collectors," Christopher L. Bennett's third entry in the ongoing "Department of Temporal Investigations" series, is out now as an eBook exclusive! When stoic agents Dulmer and Lucsly get pulled into the future by a 31st Century temporal officer, the they encounter a timeless species looking to preserve all of history!

News ImageBOOK REVIEW: "S31 -- Disavowed" Nov 09, 2014
For years, Julian Bashir has been working to take down the secret Federation spy agency Section 31, and after destroying his career in an effort to save the Andorian people, he may finally have the chance he's been waiting for -- but a trip to the Mirror Universe may end him once and for all!

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