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News ImageBeware of Bootleg DS9, VOY DVD Sets on eBay Apr 25, 2017
BUYERS BEWARE: The new DEEP SPACE NINE and VOYAGER DVD box sets have been in stores for just a few months, but bootleg sets have already begun popping up on eBay, with a deceivingly-authentic look. Learn how to spot the fakes in our photo comparisons!

News ImagePREORDER: "Enigma Tales" Apr 16, 2017
COMING IN JUNE: The 'Deep Space Nine' saga continues in Una McCormack's "Enigma Tales." As Garak's popularity as leader of the post-war Cardassian Union grows, a forthcoming report on the horrors of Bajor's occupation is sure to turn the military against him -- all the while a growing crisis on the political front is growing as Natima Lang is set to take over Cardassia's science university, but must avoid a public crisis that will destroy her reputation!

News ImageREVIEW: "The Long Mirage" Apr 12, 2017
Quark's on the hunt for his pal (and best customer) Morn, Nog's desperately trying to save Vic Fontaine from digital oblivion, and Vedek Kira finally returns to the Alpha Quadrant after being trapped inside the collapsed Bajoran Wormhole for two years -- it's THE LONG MIRAGE from David R. George III!

News Image$631,025 Raised as DS9 Documentary Fundraiser Ends Mar 11, 2017
The “What We Left Behind” Deep Space Nine documentary team completed their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign last night, raising a stunning $631,025 in fan-driven donations, blowing past even their highest stretch goal by over $100k.

News ImagePREORDER: "Section 31 - Control" Mar 04, 2017
David Mack's latest STAR TREK: SECTION 31 novel arrives later this month, and with it comes Julian Bashir's best opportunity to finally take down the shadowy spy group that's been operating inside the Federation for the past two centuries... but they won't go down without a fight! Preorder today from Amazon ahead of the March 28 release.

News ImageDS9 Doc Team Pursuing Original Film for HD Clips Mar 01, 2017
Discussing the reasoning for the fundraiser process – post-production needs, and licensing Trek video and photographic content from CBS – the team behind the currently-fundraising DEEP SPACE NINE documentary project revealed that they are currently pursuing access to the original DS9 film negatives - to include HD episode clips in the "What We Left Behind" film.

News ImageMore DS9, VOYAGER Soundtracks Set for 2017, 2018 Feb 19, 2017
While the next big La-La Land STAR TREK soundtrack collection is due in just a few weeks – their first STAR TREK: VOYAGER set – we have some more updates to report on future score sets from the music label, including when we can expect to see more DEEP SPACE NINE music, and a second VOYAGER collection!

News ImageDS9 Documentary Fundraiser Tops $250,000 Feb 14, 2017
After launching its crowdfunding campaign last week, "What We Left Behind" – producer Ira Behr’s documentary on STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE – rapidly hit its initial $150,000 goal and has continued to shoot for the stars, passing a quarter-million dollars in contributions.

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